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We have temporarily suspended weekend Respite operations to ensure the health and safety of staff and residents. 


Putting on your oxygen mask first.

“To our great delight, Special Needs Cobb helped and continues to help smooth over some rough spots by providing guidance and monthly respite. The monthly respite is a great benefit for everyone. Allen has learned to be a bit more independent, and we can do some things we couldn’t normally do. As a widow and sole caretaker for my son, having the support from SNC has been invaluable.”
–Cathy Neher, special needs parent 

The chronic stress caregivers experience translates into an average shortening of their life expectancy by nine to 12 years and is compared to that suffered in combat. Caregivers are at higher risk of developing depression, anxiety, chronic diseases and substance dependence.

We know that to help families stay together and strong, they need a way to relieve some of the stress of caregiving. 

Special Needs Cobb operates Cobb’s only facilities-based weekend respite house dedicated to special needs children and adults. Participants are welcome for a weekend of fun activities, social interaction and the opportunity to establish their own friendships separate from their families. Respite care gives the rest of the family a break from caregiving responsibilities and allows them to come back together on Sunday night refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

The SNC Respite House is equipped with ADA-approved accessibility features to accommodate individuals with a myriad of disabilities. A professional staff, aided by volunteers, is on hand to provide competent and compassionate care for people with disabilities ranging from mild to profound. 

With skilled nursing and respite care costing $27+ per hour, we understand that the cost is out of reach for the more than 50 percent of medically fragile children who are often cared for by single parents or grandparents with average incomes at or below the federal poverty line. Because of that, we do all we can to make this service available to families who need it. Respite is paid through Grant-in-aid funding and the NOW/Comp waiver. Financial assistance may be available for families who qualify. 


Reservations for the SNC Respite Home are required in advance. Email Dru Reid, Deputy Director, to learn more or call 770-427-8401. 

Respite Hours:  5:30 p.m. Friday to 5 p.m. on Sunday

For in-home respite care, SNC maintains a Respite Provider Referral List. These individuals have First-Aid and CPR certifications, and have had background checks. They will be referred based on client need and area served. SNC clients have access to Metro Atlanta Respite Cooperative (MARC) facilities.

The following organizations also provide Respite Care services:

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