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Here for you for life.

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We serve families across the region who would otherwise fall through the cracks in our healthcare and social services systems because of the lack of affordable, safe care for loved ones with Developmental, Physical and Intellectual Disabilities so they may thrive right in the community. And we are here for them for life. Nearly 35 percent of our residents are orphans or have no connection with family. We provide 35% of the 310 beds in our 23 special needs group homes and have the only facilities-based weekend respite home in the county for the more than 1,500 families seeking this service. Imagine walking a mile in their shoes. The need is great!

Your donation, large or small, provides families with resources, respite and residential options to give their loved ones the best path to independence, inclusion and self-determination and helps us keep a roof over their heads.

Special Needs Cobb is formerly Right In The Community.