Special Needs Cobb

Here for you for life.

We are Cobb's Original Special Needs Nonprofit!

In 1956, a small group of Cobb County parents fought the prevailing system of the time of institutionalizing children with developmental disabilities, determined that they would not put their kids away. They became known as Right in the Community, a trailblazing organization in the Special Needs community that accomplished many “firsts” to meet the needs they saw. In 2020, we became Special Needs Cobb, and we are still blazing a trail to provide Resources, Respite and Residential services for families right in the community.

We focus on the entire family unit, not just the individual. We provide respite care to relieve some of the stress of caregiving, keeping families strong and together. We connect parents with other families who “get it,” and hold their hands as they navigate the complicated system of resources. Finally, we give people with disabilities a path to greater independence and opportunities to shine and reach their full potential.

Special Needs Cobb provides family-focused services and programs that meet the real needs of developmentally disabled citizens in Cobb County, including:

Affordable, accessible Residential Group Housing
Facilities-based and community-centered Respite Care
Caregiver workshops

What your dollars can do for your special needs neighbors this Giving Tuesday:

$25 can provide the gift of creativity.
Fund an art project for our weekend respite clients.

$50 can provide the gift of peace of mind.
Help a parent complete a waiver application, getting them one step closer to securing care for their child for life.  

$100 can provide the gift of safety.
Cover the cost of a small repair at one of our 23 group homes.

$250 can provide the gift of rejuvenation.
Help cover the operational costs of our weekend respite home, providing families with the opportunity to have a rest from 24/7 caretaking.

$500 can provide the gift of knowledge.
Cover the cost of two virtual workshops designed to help inform special needs families on benefits, resources, and topics that can enrich their lives.

$1,000 can provide the gift of security.
Help fund large repairs and renovations projects for our group homes, ensuring that these homes are kept in great shape to keep serving our special needs neighbors for years to come.